Reviewing Fractions

Fraction work is one of the critical areas of 5th grade math. Students in my class will soon begin this work and will continue exploring fractions for some time. We find that students have often forgotten or missed some of the concepts that underlie our work, so reviewing the fundamentals is a vital first step. Please check out the videos in the Fractions tab to begin to explore some of the foundational thinking that the fraction work is built on.

The concept of a unit fraction is one of the most fundamental concepts in fractions. Students with a strong understanding of unit fractions have a much stronger conceptual foundation of fractions, and are much more successful in their fraction work. Two areas of focus would be to ensure that you students can:

  1. Explain what a unit fraction is, and describe how fractions are built by combining unit fractions.
  2. Accurately compare the relative sizes of unit fractions.

Manipulatives should be used when students are doing this work. A math manipulative is something that the student can physically manipulate is space. Fraction tiles are extremely valuable during this work.

Image result for fraction tiles

Fraction Tiles

Free printable fraction tiles

Fraction tiles for sale

You can also contact me for help obtaining fraction tiles for your child to use at home.

Here is a video outlining how to begin reviewing and exploring fractions. There are other videos in the Fractions tab that can help to further clarify this work.

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