Adults often tell me that they want to help their children with math, but aren’t sure how to. The math seems to look so much different from when we were kids. Students will begin bringing home homework that will allow you to better understand how students are thinking about math on a daily basis.

The best way to understand how math is being done is to spend some time exploring the math. Every Monday-Thursday students will bring home some math for you to both work on together. You will take turns showing your strategies to each other. It is important to talk about what you are doing. Ask questions about each others’ work, point out what you like about what each other did. Be transparent, when your child does something you are not familiar with tell them that. Ask them to explain what they did. This will help to empower your child to become the teacher and help build their math confidence.

Check in here to see examples of work being done and to get updates on information and strategies for the work. Please leave comments if you have questions or if there is math that you would like to see demonstrated.

Have fun and be creative and brave in your explorations!!

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